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Monalisa Incense Sticks

We offers Monalisa Incense Sticks. The sense of smell directly connects to the mind exhibiting a strong influence on our being. While experiencing the subtle aromas of our incense sticks, a realization of peacefulness and sanctity permeates ones consciousness that creates a perpetual tranquility that lingers for hours.
The different aromas of our incense sticks apart from spreading fragrance around the environment calms and controls ones mind and creates a special ambience.

Packaging Deatils :

Image Shapes Length Pack Box Carton
1 Hexagon : 9 inches 20 Sticks 6 Packs 50 Boxes
1 Rectangle : 9 inches 8 Sticks 25 Packs 50 Boxes
1 Square : 16 inches 10 Sticks 6 Packs 24 Boxes